Haruna Morita ceramic work exhibition, “円相”-Enso-

* This text is an English translation of the introductory text of this exhibition  written by tononto.

 "Enso" means to be free from attachment and opening the mind.
 The title of this exhibition, "Enso" is derived from "Zen" calligraphy.
It's not just about shape.
Morita has been making circle works for many years.

"With multiple firing, there are times when the original materials such as clay and glaze can transform from the material itself and become a new
existence. The resulting expression cannot easily be described with words.”

She wants to break away from conceptual "ceramics" and produce works that act as devices that evoke fresh images and feeling in each viewer. Her works mean “Enso” itself.


It seems that most current Western ceramic artists are focusing on making shapes, but they don't care so much about texture.
They have a final “White Cube” presentation in mind, and they produce work with high contrast to make strong expression. This is not the strength of Japanese style.
The strength of the Japanese culture which is often mentioned about both Japanese art, craft, architecture and cuisine is their sensitivity to subtle and complex materials and textures. And also, a sensitivity that respects familiarity.
Her work provides a microcosmic view of natural texture and materials and contains the
existence of time. Japanese aesthetics are condensed in her work.